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MacLeod & Co. is a commercial real estate firm uniquely positioned to serve institutional investors and private sellers in the expert identification and execution of industrial real estate acquisitions. With over $600 million worth of transactions closed in the two years since launching in the Southern California market, the firm is future focused while remaining keenly aware as market need and demand shift in real time to best serve their growing team and discerning clientele base.

A people-based business, MacLeod & Co. invests significant resources in training its broker and administrative support teams to ensure not only the success of the team in generating quality leads, but a positive and engaging client experience as well.

As experts in maximizing the exit of a private owner’s lifetime investment in building their business, MacLeod & Co. combines the tried and true tradition of relationship building with modern marketing prowess for a winning blend that delivers results without compromise.

MacLeod & Co. is a growing organization both in tenure of the company and average age of the team. It is a culture that creates, fosters and encourages rapid growth opportunities for its team members and provides the mentorship, training and technology to maximize the success of its brokers, staff and clients.

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